Discover a high-quality, double-sided mounting film for digital prints and photos. Gudy 802 is especially easy to work with. When working with small format prints, the film can be simply applied by hand. For larger formats, this double-sided mounting film is an excellent choice for using a photo laminator (e.g. Neschen PhotoLam 650). The transparent, double-sided permanent adhesive film is a great choice for high-quality applications and creates excellent results. Gudy 802 retains the original character of photo paper.


Designed for

  • for mounting high-end photographic, digital prints, electrostatic and screen-printed images to a variety of substrates like Dibond, Fome-Cor®, Gatorfoam®, Crescent® board, Masonite®, Sintra®. Kapa, Forex, Dispa, Smart-X, etc. and on smooth PVC-surfaces, polystyrene, polycarbonate, chipboard laminated aluminium, etc.
  • excellent for creating self-adhesive plates
  • ideal for very smooth PE- or Baryt papers for black and white applications as well as colour prints

Product Features

  • 23 µm polyester carrier
  • transparent and cadmium-free
  • dimensionally stable, permanently elastic and ageing-resistant
  • glassine paper siliconised on both sides
  • high adhesive strength guarantees a long-term and reliable bond
  • also available as a version with two backings (gudy 802 twin)
  • for indoor and outdoor applications
  • permanent, water-based acrylic adhesive (solvent-free)
  • passed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT) according to ISO 18916

Product Structure

– Backing: double-sided siliconized special paper
– Adhesive: water based polyacrylate, permanent
– Carrier: 23 µm PET film, transparent
– Adhesive: water based polyacrylate, permanent




6008489 50 m x 104 cm
39488 50 m x 140 cm
6042826 50 m x 160 cm
6008489 50 m x 104 cm



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